What is VAT?

What is Value Added Tax (VAT)?

Value Added Tax is a tax that is required to be paid by consumers that live in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Since Parts 4 Pinballs is based in the Norway, the VAT applied to our goods is 25% for Norwegian customers. If you are buying a game for Sweden or Denmark, the VAT is paid to our freight forwarder in your country. There is no other taxes on pinball games, and all other cost like freight insurance and terminal fees are included in our prices.

Please, do not ask if there is a way to buy games without VAT. We're not interested in breaking the law!

However we recommend you check what the value limit is on imported goods to your country so you can avoid to pay VAT on smaller orders. This info can usually be found at the customs website in your country. You can also check most European countries on Wikipedia