Pinball Parts

Pinball Parts

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    Darlington Transistor TIP102 NPN100V 8A

    Common and preferred replacement for TIP120, TIP122, 2N6045 and SE9302 series power Darlington transistors.NPN 100 volt 8 amp complementary Darlington transistor in a TO-220 package. Reference: Williams 5162-09410-00 Williams 5162-12635-00 Bally...
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    Diode 1000V 1A DO-41, 10-Pack

    Recommended substitute for coils using 1N4001 and 1N4004. The 1N4007 is more durable with a higher reverse voltage. 1N4007 1000V 1A Diode in a DO-41 case. Diode Case Style: DO-41 Diode Type: Standard Recovery Forward Current If(AV): 1A Forward...
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    Dual-Opto Receiver Assy

    Dual-opto receiver board assembly with grommets for outhole trough upkicker for Stern pinball machines. Typical symptoms of defective opto boards are multiple balls being served or continuously kicking ball shooters.
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    LED Board Tri-Color

    Playfield Tri-Color red/green/blue LED display board for new Stern games. LED PCB board with surface mount device (SMD) technology for use on AC/DC Premium and Limited Edition and newer machines.
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    Opto Transmitter PCB

    Opto transmitter circuit board used on Sega pinball and Stern SPI pinball machines.
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    Plunger & Link Assy

    Plunger and link assembly for Data East/ Sega / Stern flipper assemblies. Reference: Replaces 515-6301-01 Replaces 515-6301-02
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    Spike Shaker Motor Filter Kit

    Factory recommended Stern shaker motor cabinet node capacitor kit for late model Stern SPIKE system pinball machines. Eliminates mysterious SLAM TILT switch activation during gameplay in machines with shaker motors. Use genuine Stern authorized...
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    Stern Coil 26-1200

    Generic purpose coil used on Stern, Sega and Data East games.
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    Stern Flipper Coil 22-1080

    Flipper coil for all newer Stern games. Does not include diode as the diode is part of the flipper control board assembly. Reference: 090-5032-ND no diode 090-5032-00T with diode on top 090-5032-00B with diode on bottom 090-5032-00 with...
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    Stern Flipper Rebuild Kit Left

    Flipper rebuild kit for all Stern pinball machines.This kit includes all mechanical components necessary to rebuild the left flipper unit.
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    Stern Flipper Rebuild Kit Right

    Flipper rebuild kit for all Stern pinball machines.This kit includes all mechanical components necessary to rebuild the right flipper unit.