Stranger Things v0.84.0 Code Update

Stranger Things v0.84.0 Code Update

Stern Pinball has posted new Stranger Things code v0.84.0 for the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models.

This update contains custom interactive code incorporated to activate the brand new UV lighting kit accessories that will turn your Stranger Things pinball playing experience upside down! This one-of-a-kind UV lighting kit will light up during dramatic events and experiences throughout gameplay, immersing players further into the Stranger Things universe! More information on this accessory which will work across all models of Stranger Things can be found here –

This code update also features a new way of battling and defeating the Demogorgon across all models in addition to providing brand new projector content for LE owners. This code also contains bug fixes, additional polish, and game enhancements.

Pro – v0.84.0:

Premium – v0.84.0:

Limited Edition – v0.84.0:

This update and read me files can also be found on our website in the game code library.

13th Feb 2020 Stern Pinball

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